COMPANY - StarCap - Accessori Moda Personalizzati
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Starcap Srl is a company specialized in the design and production of fashion accessories.
The quality of services, the young global design work, creativity and determination of the group in a short time Starcap Ltd. Placed at the top of Italian and European companies specialized in fashion accessories, hats, scarves and gloves.

All this is made possible only thanks to the continuous evolution, growth and development of Starcap Srl, who first employed in this sector technical interchange, employing Chinese staff in our offices in Italy and Italian personnel in the Chinese offices. So Starcap Srl has definitely cut down cultural barriers and concepts, which make it even distant China and Europe.

The factories in China are about 600 employees, with a production capacity of more than seven million garments every year. The production lines have a vertical structure, thus within the industrial line are realized and complete all stages of production.

The production departments are able to realize all kinds of accessories, knit, handmade and machine, loom fabrics, cut, cotton, coated fabrics, leather etc.

As with all good ideas also our company bases its success on simple and clear objectives:

  • quality of products
  • on time delivery
  • customized service
  • price competitiveness
  • productions with no minimums

The original idea of giving birth to a company able to fully manage the accessories department, specializing exclusively in hats, scarves and gloves, has now materialized. Starcap is the means by which more than 40 operators worldwide Fashion Business, design and make the samples and productions of these small but important details in fashion now.


Starcap Ltd. creates accessories that have a point of reference quality, customized design conceived not only as a mere exercise in style, but as the essence of an object. Meeting the needs of client companies, we create successful products. In this perspective with the experience, attention to detail and materials research and the use of advanced technologies we can offer a unique service in the sector.

The philosophy behind the design work is the creation of individual items or entire collections of accessories, materialize something unique, in products with a unique identity, which allow then to differentiate itself from competitors and attract more customers and consumers.


Through a team of creative and trend hunters who make selections of styles and trends in major world capitals of fashion, every season we create a huge global research that is then turned into customized products and entire collections.